Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August and Everything After

I don't really like August much. It's normally miserably cold and rainy - so the washing (we love using modern cloth nappies here but there's a weeny bit more washing because of them) starts to get on top of us.The backyard turns into a swamp and the kids and me all get a bit of cabin fever I'm sure.

But it's also a month that takes us back to 2007 when my Dad was dying of pancreatic cancer. In the past, we used to celebrate Dad's birthday on the 11th of August, and then Mum's exactly a week later on the 18th. My g'ma's birthday is a couple of days later as well (she turned the ripe old age of 91 this year, not bad at all for a woman still living on her own!).

Back in 2007 though all my family were at Ma and Pa's house for his birthday. There was a bit of fence fixing going on for his birthday - and me and Penny (6 months old at the time) hung out with Dad/Pop inside. That weekend was the last time I hugged my Dad. He died on the 28th of August, and his well-attended funeral was held on the 1st of September which happened to be Father's Day and Daffodil Day.

So, I know that my family often feels relieved when September rolls around. Spring is here, August is over.

Earlier in the month I was thinking about August and I thought of this CD 'August and Everything After'. I loved it and played it to death since I got it. I think it was back in 1995, my 7th form year - but I blasted it all through my Uni days, introducing many flatties to The Counting Crows (who sadly lots of people only know for a theme song on Shrek these days). Listen to good old 'Mr Jones' here or the 'Round Here' here.

Anywho, it's been played a lot during August. I feel like I've been reunited with a good friend.

And Spring, you know I'm always pleased to see you. August is another 11 months away now.


  1. best album EVER!!!!! ( well one of them ;) ) we lvoe it to bits too xxxxx

  2. Happy September Julia, Happy spring!

  3. So many parallels here ... we lost my father-in-law to cancer 5 years ago, his birthday was August 12th ... August, it just isn't easy ...

    I'm sorry for the loss of your father. Glad September is almost here!

    thanks for making me think of the Counting Crows again! wow, need to break that out now :-)

  4. Love this album too! I thrashed it whilst at high school, also. Play it loud and have a very happy Spring!